Outside of Code

As you may have guessed by now, my name is Rocky Su, and I am a nerd. Not your typical nerd, mind you, but a nerd none-the-less. This surprises some people, but I do actually have a life outside of code. True, I could, and do sometimes, spend 14+ hours a day on my computer writing code, but that’s not ALL of me. I have a life beyond my Mac.

Outside of code, I spend a lot of time with my motorcycles. I love working with my hands, and designing my next toy. From metal working, to wood working, to fiberglass or carbon fiber, as long as I’m building it, modifying it, or taking it apart, I’m happy. I enjoy every step of the build from the design, to usage, no matter what it is I built. One thing I enjoy is designing and building new things for my children. Everything I can build for them, I will. These items could be something, such as a mural of their favorite cartoon character on their wall, or computer station with servers, or even a new bedroom set with L.E.D. under lighting to make the beds appear as if they’re glowing. Naturally, I have to keep a large assortment of tools to make all this happen. A quick search of my work shop you’ll find a wide range of power tools, an oscilloscope, welders, and just about every hand tool you can imagine. What I am missing is a PCB mill, if you’ve got one, let me know. I fix because I can, I often find myself fixing something that broke, then throwing it away anyway. 😛

I spent the first part of my life designing and building high-end car audio systems, some in the $150,000 range. Since then, I’ve maintained a strong affection towards designing and building onto my cars. I’ve designed and built new door panels, custom body kits, custom center consoles, dash boards, and much, much more. My car collection has included models from Yugos to Porsches, and everything in between. Some of my favorites have been my 1957 Chevy Bel air, 1972 Cutlass convertible, 1969 Lincoln, and more recently, my Hummer. I tend to always have at least one boat, and at least one motorcycle.

After spending most of my life on sport bikes, I finally made the leap to cruiser style motorcycles. Currently I’m averaging 1,200+ miles a month on my motorcycles, and hope to continue spending as much time as possible on bikes. The transition was strange to go from crotch-rocket to bagger, but I’m really appreciating the comfort features that cruisers offer.

When I’m not on a motorcycle, I’m with my boys. My children are my passion, and by far the best thing to ever happen to me. My two boys Brian, and Justin are the best kids a parent can ask for, and a joy to watch grow up.

Those who know me, will first start by saying I’m a movie junkie, this is true. I LOVE movies! I have a collection of 450+ DVDs (growing daily) that I play on my 92″ home theater, complete with 9.1 surround sound. My custom installed home theater is my favorite thing about my house, and unlike most theater owners, I use mine daily. Being such a movie buff, a common question I get is “What’s your favorite movie?” To this I have to answer there are many great movies, so many that I can’t say it’s just this one, I have 5.

  • Fight Club
  • Walk to Remember
  • The Avengers
  • Gladiator
  • City of Angels

Random bunch, I know, but there’s a deep story behind them all.

I am also an extreme sports junkie who’s known for bungee jumping, skydiving, wakeboarding, auto racing, skateboarding, and over 19 years of martial arts. I’ve done so many events in my life because I’m not afraid to take chances. Life involves risk, get off the couch and get out there. But because I’ve done so much in life my friends ask me what will I do for a mid-life crisis. Well that’s complicated; I’ve done the fast cars and extreme sports, own the motorcycles and stay in good shape already, I guess the only thing left is to buy a plane. eBay here I come…

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