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Home of Rocky Su

You’ve found the home of Rocky Su, Web Developer, Programmer, CEO. As much as I enjoy imagery and graphics, I find that code, and algorithms, to be far more beautiful than any image, hence my tagline “Pictures are pretty, but code is beautiful”. I’ve been in the programming field since the days of the Commodore 64. The good ‘ol days of Commodore BASIC, and JiffyDOS sparked a fire inside me that lead me to a continuing education in technology.

I’ve since studied many different languages, including Swift, Objective C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, HTML, Pearl, Python, VB, and several more. I’m a huge advocate for HTML5, and CSS3, and love the direction it’s going. I highly encourage people take the leap to the newest advancement in web development and push towards a more HTML5 friendly world.

Being a former employee of Apple Computer Inc., a fan of Apple Computer Inc. products, and a Programmer, it seemed only fitting that I program for the iOS devices. Even though I enjoy doing content management apps, or customer relations management apps, I’ve built iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications for many different purposes, and for many different people and companies. The iPad and iPhone are excellent devices, making them a pleasure to work with.