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Of course these are just some of my thoughts, MY THOUGHTS. I’m not paid by anyone, nor am I against anyone. There are some items that I prefer, and some not so much. If you want to chat with me about any of these items, or anything else, contact me and I’ll be happy to chat with you about Martial Arts, Motorcycles, Computers, Movies, or anything else…even my comic book collection. 😛


I think one of the reasons I’m such a huge advocate for HTML5 and CSS3 is that I’ve never really cared for flash. If I had it my way, I would have never worked with it. I understand it’s capabilities and enjoy the mass amount of flash games out there, and if you think about it, I should love it since it has Actionscript which allows me to write code that I love so much, but I just don’t like it.

With Geolocation, client-side databasing, offline web apps, and the ever fun to play with, canvas, HTML5 was an awesome addition to the web world. I’ve worked with HTML5 for years before it’s official release in October of 2014, so it’s safe to say I’m a fan.

CSS3 transitions are so much fun to play with, I’m glad to see they really pushed CSS to such great heights, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


I think I’ve become addicted to databases! If I am, is that a bad thing? Allow me to explain; I’ve always been a fan of MySQL, what’s not to like? It’s fast, it’s simple to use, and IT’S FREE!! I’ve used to use it as my prime choice for things like CMS, member databases, games and such, but I started using it for EVERYTHING.

I think my first “WOW! I’m going MySQL crazy moment” was when I used it to store a shopping list of items I needed to buy from the store. This was very far “pre-iPhone”, so it wasn’t a whole lot of good to me outside of my home, but boy was it useful before I left.

I think anyone not using MySQL should get on it.


Ok, so if you know me, you know I love PHP! I’ve proven many people wrong, and won several bets when people doubt it’s limitations. Whether I’m building a forum, a webapp, or even a simple grocery list, PHP is my language of choice. PHP is so much fun to work with, but add that to a MySQL DB and you’ve got a near limitless set up.

Without question, Swift is the best thing to happen to programming since the development of the keyboard. It’s so light weight, yet so capable. Imagine a language that has the speed of Javascript, with the capabilities of C++, that’s swift. When the Apple Watch was first announce, like many others, I laughed and said “what a mistake”, then I bought one. I am now an Apple Watch fan, and love coding for it.

Objective C
I’m an iDevice fan, and love the other Apple products, so objective c just seemed right for me. I’ve worked with SOOO many other languages, and there are several that I enjoy working, but I like Objective C.

In second place is the ultra popular C++. Despite being mostly an iOS developer now, C++ will always have a place in my heart. I continue to build projects with C++ regularly, but typically they’re all Windows apps. I naturally start coding for Windows platforms when I work with C++. It’s just second nature to #include , only to have a compiling error on my Mac. 🙁

Apple Computer Inc.
Well…with the passing of Steve Jobs, so went the passion behind the products. Tim Cook took over, and showed the stock holders what he can do. Unfortunately, he disappointed a lot of Apple product users, like me. When you’re pushing out products one after another, that does look impressive to the stockholders, but when those products are subpar, it’s looks far from impressive to the users of those products. The Mavericks operating system clearly released way too early. My 17″ Macbook Pro (also a Tim Cook discontinue 🙁 ) with it’s i7 processor, 8Gb of RAM, and solid state hard drive were no match for the resource requirements of the Awful Mavericks. Thanks to a few updates, they eventually got it fixed, but it was quickly replaced by an even FAR inferior Yosemite operating system. Yosemite is garbage, just garbage. IF you can get it to install completely on you system, you will quickly regret doing it. It’s incredibly laggy, has an extremely ugly GUI, and removes all that pesky functionality we’ve gotten used to on our apps. Who whats to use applications on their computer anyway?

The iPhone still continues to be my phone of choice, despite the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus breaks easily, and can’t be fixed by the Apple staff. After years of owning iPhones, and never ONCE cracking a screen, I dropped, and cracked, the screen on my iPhone 6 Plus. The phone being only 1 month old, I took it to the Apple store only to hear “We can try to fix the phone for $129, but there’s a chance we might not be able to get it back together after that. If that’s the case, you’ll need to purchase a new phone for $329”. Yup..Apple can’t fix their products. Fail Apple Fail!

After several failed attempts at building a operating system, Microsoft actually got one that I’m happy with; 8.1. Windows XP was awesome, Windows Vista was the worst thing Microsoft ever produced. 7 came out and restored some faith that Microsoft might still be able to produce an ok Operating System. Then Windows 8 came out and proved…Nope, they can’t. The Windows 8.1 update was that bottom of the ninth grand slam, that at the buzzer 3 point shot, that last saving crane kick. I like Windows 8.1, and it’s actually working in conjunction with the horrible Apple operating system releases to help push me back into the Windows world.