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What can I say, this is my dream bike. Yes, I love my Harley, and have a blast on my KLRs, but when it comes to pure AWE inspiring, it’s my Hayabusa.

This bike started off life bone stock, purchased from the original owner with nearly no miles. I was looking for a specific year, and found it about 60 miles away. I was working with a nearly unlimited budget for the build so I made it exactly the way it should be.

I purchased the bike from a kind, older man about 60 miles away from where I lived. He had a BMW 1200 LT that he had put well over 50k miles on, this Bus was a secondary “fun” bike that he rarely rode. The bike sat in his garage on a battery tender, underneath a bike cover, and the service records on hand told me he had nothing but love for this bike, it was perfect! After making the purchase I loaded it into the back of my 1970 Chevy Truck and headed home. I purposely brought my bluetooth headset so I could get the ball rolling immediately.

I first got on the phone with Roaring Toyz, they are the makers of the beautiful swingarm, and wheels you see. I wanted to do a candy/cut contrast black, “blade” theme, so I chose the swingarm, and wheels accordingly. I also got some bolt-ons in motion, such as the twin Yoshi pipes, Pro-One Pro-Blade Billet Levers, and matching mirrors. Then came the fun toys!

I ordered an 84mm Big Bore kit that took the already impressive 1299cc engine to an astonishing 1441cc. But wait….there’s more. I ordered a custom built head, and cams to match the bottom end, plus the MPS 62 pound injector/rail kit and 175HP, dual stage nitrous kit. Along with these mechanical goodies, I added the Bazzaz Z-Fi TC module, and NX TPS Window Switch to make sure I didn’t detonate my engine.

The list of parts, and mods can continue for the next 12 chapters, but then I would be giving it all away to my track competitors. Yes, I do track this bike. Let’s be honest, with this much horsepower, a fat tire on an 11.5″ stretched swingarm, there’s not a LOT of practical use. It’s designed for 2 things, going down the track STUPID fast, and going slowly on local rides so everyone can see how pretty she is.

The streets are MINE! 😀 Just kidding, I used this bike to help with the 4th of July Parade
My brothers bike is so pretty, but I can’t keep chrome that clean, he’s good!
I love how real carbon fiber glistens